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Cease & Desist is a Montreal based accessories and clothing label established in 2005 by renowned artist, Harvey McLeod. Harvey created Cease & Desist jewelry as a way to create “decorative sculptures for all bodies”. And these sculptures range from statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even pendants in a myriad of materials and metal alloys. Drawing inspiration from pop culture ephemera and how it defined our generation, Cease & Desist delivers nostalgic, tongue-in-cheek designs that make every ensemble pop. Apart from the jewelry line, Cease & Desist is also slated to introduce its newest range of lifestyle clothing for men. Cease & Desist jewelry is available in selected stores including online at Cease Desist Cease & Desist

Art-Driven Body Sculptures

Make every outfit a statement of your unforgettable style with Cease & Desist jewelry! Featuring a complementing mix of contemporary and classic designs, Cease & Desist jewelry is all about decorating the body with the finest baubles! Harvey has been a mainstay in the art scene for decades and his illustrious career is highlighted by artworks inspired from Montreal’s colorful street style. He teamed up with some of the most talented artists in the business like William Dan Buller, Kops Krew, and Morgan Black to develop designs for Cease & Desist jewelry. Make every body even more beautiful with art-centric sculptures by Cease & Desist jewelry.

Cease & Desist jewelry at

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cbt 200x300 CBTBrand History

Classic Barber Threads or CBT is a Boston-based clothing brand established in 2012 by its current president, Richard Silvestro. CBT is more of a personal project for Richard. His passion, which lies in designing shirts and printing the graphics from scratch, led to a side project, which would later become CBT clothing. He considers the whole process of designing and printing shirts as an art form. Richard spent years perfecting his own methods and developing the designs that he feels represents our lifestyle. As the name implies, Classic Barber Threads clothing is dedicated and inspired by stylists and barbers, people who are true authority when it comes to fashion. CBT clothing may be new in the business but it’s definitely no lightweight. CBT clothing is available in selected stores including online at

The Preciseness Of Every Cut

While Richard took on a different approach as far as the design principles of CBT clothing goes, his keen eye for style and his admiration for the humble profession of barbering made the brand stand out from all others. Let’s face it, how many clothing brands do you know that are inspired by barbers? Probably not a lot. With every cut, every line there is preciseness, a purpose for every direction. The brand specializes in super soft vintage shirts, undergarments, headwear and accessories. And because Richard is made about retro designs and prints, every piece of clothing and accessories feature nostalgia-inducing designs.

CBT 2014 Spring Collection

If you love Anchorman which start Will Farrell, then this is one CBT collection you do not want to miss. Featuring graphics and quotes from the 2004 blockbuster comedy, CBT clothing just rolled out its newest array of graphic shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops for men and the ‘stache tops and tank tops for the ladies. Rounding up this season’s release is a fun mix of accessories and wooden razors crafted from lacquered wood.

CBT Shirts at

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Breezy Excursion

October 12, 2014

Brand History Based in California is Breezy Excursion clothing. Breezy Excursion, which was established in 2008, is the brainchild of Ryan Mante and Christian “Flip” Lilleland. Drawing inspiration from progressive styles, 90s grunge and pop culture, Breezy Excursion offers an inventive selection of casual wear for men. Ryan and Flip launched Breezy Excursion on an [...]

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Loud & Obnoxious

October 8, 2014

Brand History Loud & Obnoxious is a Southern California clothing brand established by a group of young designers in 2007. The idea behind Loud & Obnoxious was to change the local streetwear scene with all original designs that are meaningful, creative and trendy. With a positive work ethic and an undying sense of ambition, the [...]

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Android Homme

October 4, 2014

Brand History Based in Los Angeles, California is Android Homme footwear, a brand that brings the future sneakers design right in the present! Established by acclaimed designer, Javier Laval in 2008, Android Homme redefines the classic hi-top sneakers with a mix of retro and futuristic styling thrown in the mix! A veteran in the footwear [...]

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September 30, 2014

Brand History Exhibition Clothing or EXBTN is Los Angeles clothing brand established to deliver fresh, trendy goods that do more than just make you look good but to represent your passion, your dreams and your lifeblood. The brand was created by a group of creatives who have lived their lives and perfected their craft of [...]

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8 & 9 Clothing

September 26, 2014

Brand History 8 & 9 is a Miami Florida urban wear label that promises to deliver a fresh new perspective on classic hip-hop garbs. Drawing inspiration from Miami’s energetic skateboarding and hip-hop cultures, pop culture and music, 8 & 9 clothing is all about adding diversity in the hip-hop streetwear market, injecting a bit of [...]

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1st Class

September 22, 2014

Brand History 1st Class clothing is a Brooklyn, NYC urban wear company established in 2004. The mission? To deliver high quality casual wear that will suit every budget. With a strong emphasis on quality, fit and style, 1st Class clothing makes premium garbs accessible to more people. By definition, 1st Class refers to getting the [...]

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September 18, 2014

Brand History Established in 1952 by renowned shoemaking, Nathan Swartz in Abington, Massachusetts, Timberland® is a premier leather goods and footwear company synonymous with enduring quality and heritage style work boots. Timberland® incorporates cutting edge technology with traditional footwear making processes to create these tough-as-nails leather boots that are ideal in any terrain. As a [...]

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September 14, 2014

Brand History San Diego footwear brand Treat United Kingdom aka T.U.K has been churning out awesome creepers since 1991. That’s as authentic as you can get! Celebrating the wild, raving days of 80s British punk scene, T.U.K footwear is all about keeping the creepers trend alive, bringing new ways to dress these elevated shoes in [...]

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