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Entree 196x300 EntreeBrand History

Established by a couple of guys whose passion lies in designing shirts, Entree is a NYC shirt brand established in 2006. The brand’s cofounders are so into designing shirts that they decided to turn their makeshift shirt shop (the back of their van) into a real streetwear label. What makes Entree shirts different from all others is that all shirts are handcrafted with designs that are original and created from scratch. No short cuts, no easy way in. The guys were selling their silkscreened and hand-painted shirts off their parent’s truck, crashing tradeshows to showcase their shirts. By 2009, Entree streetwear’s popularity reached critical mass, with major retailers carrying their brands. Entree clothing is available in selected stores including online at Karmaloop.com.

Unique, Handcrafted Shirts For All

Entree is on a mission to elevate the status of the humble t-shirt from basic wear to a fashion statement. And why not? With its eye-popping selection of graphic shirts, all silkscreened and designed by hand, Entree shirts are on their way to becoming a classic! Entree radical shirt designs are inspired by Brooklyn’s own downtown street style, its skate scene, graffiti art and BBOY subculture. Entree offers a great selection of graphic shirts, jackets, hoodies and buttons down shirts in striking designs and premium cotton material.

Entree 2014 Spring Collection

Pieces from Entree’s 2014 spring collection is slowly trickling into circulation thanks to a series of teaser pics by the brand. The yet-to-be launched spring collection will be comprised of awesome long-sleeved sweatshirts, graphic shirts, and hoodies in dark colorways for men and statement shirts and hoodies for the ladies!

Entree streetwear at Karmaloop.com

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Emilio Cavallini Hosiery 200x300 Emilio Cavallini HosieryBrand History

Emilio Cavallini is an Italian hosiery label established by Emilio Cavallini in 1967. Emilio’s namesake brand is considered as a pioneer in the hosiery and legwear industry, creating amazing innovations along the way, the most popular being the “seamless” undergarments for women. Boasting an extensive selection of products spanning to legwear to body wear, hosiery to couture garments for men and women. Apart from designing and manufacturing premium hosiery for its label, Emilio Cavallini Hosiery has also been producing stocking for the most iconic design houses in the world including: Dior, Celine, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Mary Quant. Ladies, if you are into premium designer legwear and hosiery, you cannot go wrong with this Italian design house! Emilio Cavallini Hosiery is available in selection stores including online via authorized retailers like Karmaloop.com

High Fashion Hosiery

Emilio Cavallini offers only the finest hosiery money can buy. Bar none. Even the biggest French and Italian design companies get their hosiery at Emilio Cavallini! Pegged as the king of haute couture lefwear, Emilio Cavallini invests on the most hi-tech automated machinery and the finest yards (microfiber, cotton, pure wool, viscose, silk and cashmere) to create his highly coveted tights, hosiery, body suits and undergarments. Emilio Cavallini hosiery is knitted, dyed, ironed, printed, and packed in its San Miniato factory. Emilio Cavallini hosiery is home to premium tights, stockings, bodysuits and of

Emilio Cavallini Hosiery 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

Emilio Cavallini recently rolled out its much-anticipated lineup of hosiery and legwear for women. This season’s collection will be an explosion of dainty lacy details, legwear with just a wink of shimmer, sexy fishnets with lace accents, graphic legwear and fabulous tights in classic colorways!

Emilio Cavallini Hosiery at Karmaloop.com

Try Emilio Cavallini hosiery and you’ll never wear cheap stockings ever again! Spoil yourself, go on a little retail therapy and come home with a gorgeous selection of legwear by Italian design label, Emilio Cavallini! Use our Plndr coupon codes as you shop from top clothing labels at karmaloop.com to take advantage of amazing discounts today!



July 14, 2014

Brand History Established in 2008 by designer Matt Fields, Dope Clothing is an LA streetwear label that promises to dish out only the most luxurious quality garments for men. Dope Clothing is a wholesale and a boutique in one and they do offer urban wear in two categories: Dope (the main line) and Dope Couture [...]

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Dolo Clothing Co.

July 11, 2014

Brand History Dolo Clothing Co. is a 2002 streetwear label established by Desmond Bellot. The brand specializes in progressive streetwear with fun, fresh graphics. The core philosophy of Dolo Clothing Co. is to deliver goods that’ll strengthen our own outlook on society. Dolo Clothing Co. aims to become your voice through fashion. Forged in hard [...]

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Delicious Vinyl

July 7, 2014

Brand History Delicious Vinyl is a recording label slash streetwear brand established in 1987 by Los Angeles DJs, Matt Dike and Michael Ross. The brand started out as a recording company, its humble beginnings was in Matt and Michael’s dingy apartment turned makeshift recording studio. It was here that up and coming hip-hop artists would [...]

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July 3, 2014

Brand History Cakestar is a lifestyle label established in 2008 by a highly imaginative team of designers who create quite a back-story for the brand. From the brand’s website, Cakestar was rooted back to a lonely slice of cake named “C”. Yes, a cake that was tossed aside haphazardly at Don King’s wedding. Just as [...]

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Booger Kids

June 29, 2014

Brand History Booger Kids is a San Jose clothing label established by a couple of dudes who have Peter Pan complex in 2009. Featuring familiar designs we all grew up loving and spiced up by a strong, youthful party spirit, Booger Kids offers a growing selection of graphic shirts. The brand aims to introduce the [...]

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June 24, 2014

Brand History Bloodbath is an LA streetwear label established in 2008. Bloodbath features prominent Goth themed designs with uses word play to covey the general message the brand. And now that’s you’re curious, the brand’s version of “Bloodbath” means passion and martyrdom for blood and squeaky cleanliness for bath. They don’t sound all that dramatic [...]

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June 19, 2014

Brand History ArtistiCreation is a contemporary menswear label that specializes in art-inspired shirts. Founded by a collective of artists who want to revolutionize menswear forever. Fueled by creativity, artistic expressions and with an unorthodox approach to fashion, the brand showcases a seamless marriage between art and fashion, street and classic designs. ArtistiCreation offers an impressive [...]

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June 14, 2014

Brand History Arka is a contemporary clothing label made specifically for men who only demand the best in menswear. Established by a group of creatives who made it their mission to deliver a new breed of garments for men, Arka clothing offers a fantastic array of menswear with boundaries-breaking designs. “Arka”, which literally translates to [...]

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