Brand History

Established in 1998, Diamond Supply Co. is a premier lifestyle brand created by pro skateboarder and renowned designer, Nick Tershay AKA Nick Diamond. Diamond Supply Co. is considered one of the first labels to create streetwear, a pioneer in every essence of the word. Nick, who is a mainstay in the streetwear scene before it was cool, gained immense popularity for his SB Dunks collab with Nike. His SB Tiffany Dunks is hailed as Nike bestselling dunks of all time. This earned Nick notoriety both in the footwear and the streetwear scene, and deservingly so. While he is best known for the dunks, Nick has worked with some of the biggest names in the streetwear scene, making him one of the most sought-after artists in the business. Diamond Supply Co. clothing is available in selected stores including online at

No BS. It’s All About The QualityDiamond Supply Co. Diamond Supply Co.

Nick is a hopeless perfectionist. From every stitch right down to the color, everything has to be just right. You can bet that every detail you see in your Diamond Supply Co. shirt was obsessed about by its founder, Nick. And because his standards is pretty up there, he makes sure he works with people who share his passion for excellence. Nick handpicks all the artists he work with and every garment has to go through rigid testing and are checked and re-checked to ensure they are up to par with Diamond Supply Co.’s stringent standards. Diamond Supply Co. clothing offers an extensive selection of urban wear, casual wear as well as sportswear and footwear for men and women.

Diamond Supply Co. 2014 Spring/Summer Collection

If you’ve been holding up on your cash all winter long waiting for Diamond Supply Co. to roll its newest collection, the wait is finally over! Feast your orbs on Diamond Supply Co.’s 2014 spring collection. This season is all about covering the basics with awesome new hoodies, graphic shirts, belts tank tops and caps available in shockingly bright colors and of course, some monochromatic choices, if you love such classic colorways.

Diamond Supply Co. clothing at

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DGK DGKBrand History

Dirty Ghetto Kids AKA DGK is a Philadelphia-based clothing brand established in 2002 by pro skateboarders, Stevie Williams. Williams’ meteoric rise to fame in the local skateboarding scene is the stuff of legends. But it’s not without its challenges. For one thing, he had to content with thrash talking when he was starting out. In fact, he used an old taunt, Dirty ghetto kids, as a name for his clothing brand because he wanted to show people that when you work harder, you will live the dream.

Williams embody the true skater lifestyle. It’s a brand that represents the best in board sports, able to take in its unique energy and introduce the sport in a way that’s not too “in your face”. DGK clothing remains as one of the best skate wear labels in the business mostly because of William’s dedication to be better than the rest. DGK clothing is sold in selected retailers and online, you can get DGK shirts and denims at

The Realization Of The Dream

DGK clothing is, in part, a realization of Williams’ own dream. As a kid who has grown used to being thrust to the harsh realities of life, he didn’t break down. Nope, the guy is never a quitter. A natural risk taker, he used his life experience to not just find success but also to inspire others. And just like its founder, DGK clothing is all about experimenting with different styles too. The brand is all about making quality skatewear accessible to more people. DGK clothing prides itself for its quality denims. Williams himself developed different ways to treat the fabric in order to achieve awesome finishes that’s definitely out of the ordinary.

DGK Streetwear 2014 Spring Collection

New season means updated wardrobe and DGK clothing just rolled out its newest array of shirts to go crazy for. Now up for grabs are all new sweatshirts, hoodies and crewneck shirts in bold colorways and even bolder text graphic on the front. Apart from the shirts, DGK clothing will also offer a rang eof varsity jackets, henleys, skate decks and headwear for spring 2014.

DGK clothing at

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Cease & Desist

October 20, 2014

Brand History Cease & Desist is a Montreal based accessories and clothing label established in 2005 by renowned artist, Harvey McLeod. Harvey created Cease & Desist jewelry as a way to create “decorative sculptures for all bodies”. And these sculptures range from statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even pendants in a myriad of materials and [...]

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October 16, 2014

Brand History Classic Barber Threads or CBT is a Boston-based clothing brand established in 2012 by its current president, Richard Silvestro. CBT is more of a personal project for Richard. His passion, which lies in designing shirts and printing the graphics from scratch, led to a side project, which would later become CBT clothing. He [...]

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Breezy Excursion

October 12, 2014

Brand History Based in California is Breezy Excursion clothing. Breezy Excursion, which was established in 2008, is the brainchild of Ryan Mante and Christian “Flip” Lilleland. Drawing inspiration from progressive styles, 90s grunge and pop culture, Breezy Excursion offers an inventive selection of casual wear for men. Ryan and Flip launched Breezy Excursion on an [...]

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Loud & Obnoxious

October 8, 2014

Brand History Loud & Obnoxious is a Southern California clothing brand established by a group of young designers in 2007. The idea behind Loud & Obnoxious was to change the local streetwear scene with all original designs that are meaningful, creative and trendy. With a positive work ethic and an undying sense of ambition, the [...]

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Android Homme

October 4, 2014

Brand History Based in Los Angeles, California is Android Homme footwear, a brand that brings the future sneakers design right in the present! Established by acclaimed designer, Javier Laval in 2008, Android Homme redefines the classic hi-top sneakers with a mix of retro and futuristic styling thrown in the mix! A veteran in the footwear [...]

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September 30, 2014

Brand History Exhibition Clothing or EXBTN is Los Angeles clothing brand established to deliver fresh, trendy goods that do more than just make you look good but to represent your passion, your dreams and your lifeblood. The brand was created by a group of creatives who have lived their lives and perfected their craft of [...]

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8 & 9 Clothing

September 26, 2014

Brand History 8 & 9 is a Miami Florida urban wear label that promises to deliver a fresh new perspective on classic hip-hop garbs. Drawing inspiration from Miami’s energetic skateboarding and hip-hop cultures, pop culture and music, 8 & 9 clothing is all about adding diversity in the hip-hop streetwear market, injecting a bit of [...]

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1st Class

September 22, 2014

Brand History 1st Class clothing is a Brooklyn, NYC urban wear company established in 2004. The mission? To deliver high quality casual wear that will suit every budget. With a strong emphasis on quality, fit and style, 1st Class clothing makes premium garbs accessible to more people. By definition, 1st Class refers to getting the [...]

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