Argoz Socks

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Brand History

Proud Bay Area label, Argoz is set out to redefine the streetwear scene with cool as cucumber socks made with the finest cotton money can buy. Established in 2011 by a collective of designers, Argoz socks are meant to become an indispensible part of your wardrobe, your can’t-live-without articles of clothing you cannot step out of the house without!

From novelty socks with radical prints and colorways to toned down, office-friendly numbers, Argoz got its bases covered as far as designs go. The brand made it its mission to crush the ankle fashion ignorance through standout designs and impressive quality. For sock couture that never fail to impress, check out Argoz socks. Argoz socks are available in selected retailers. Online, you can get Argoz socks at

Argoz Socks Argoz Socks

Radically Different Socks

If you’re wondering what Argoz socks are all about, the brand is committed in changing our perception of what socks are, as an article of clothing and as a fashion statement. Let’s face it, your ratty white tube rocks doesn’t exactly scream COUTURE FASHION. And unfortunately, we reserve socks as something that’s non-essential, an afterthought. Well, the good folks of Argoz socks is set out to change all that by dishing out fabulous designs that truly catches the eye and appeals to all tastes.

But don’t be fooled by Argoz socks’ general awesomeness, these bad boys are made from the finest cotton money can buy. Argoz socks are super durable, offers superb support without distorted shape from repeated washing. Just like fine wine, Argoz socks get better as they age but don’t take our word for it, get your own and find out for yourself.

Argoz socks at

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Alphanumeric 196x300 AlphanumericBrand History

Alphanumeric is a San Diego-based label establoshed in 1998 as A#. The brand was managed by Mikro Magnum and Sal Masekela along with designer Alyasha Owerka-Moor and was known for their outerwear, lifestyle apparel and casual wear. A#s design philosophy is rooted in functionality. As such, Alphanumeric apparel is mostly focused on sportswear and sports-inspired apparel. It’s a brand with a mix of influences ranging from crossing over skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, car culture and music.

After the year 2000, A# went off the radar. It was in 2008 when it re-merged under a new name, Alphanumeric apparel. Alphanumeric clothing continues what it was set out to do, deliver fresh lifestyle goods infused with San Diego street with a bit of rebellious edge. Alphanumeric apparel is available in selected retailers. Online, you can order Alphanumeric apparel at

The Right Garment For Your Lifestyle

Whether you are passionate about board sports or you simply want garments that are durable enough to take on any challenge, you can bet that Alphanumeric apparel will deliver. With a non-traditional approach to style, Alphanumeric apparel is all about dishing out garments that complements your lifestyle. Rooted in an educational-based ad campaign and inspiring the youth to get active, Alphanumeric apparel is a supporter of various snowboarding, skateboarding, music and surfing groups. The brand is committed in representing an emerging culture.

Alphanumeric Clothing at

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191 Unlimited

January 14, 2015

Brand History Established in 2002 by friends and business partners, Parth Sharma and Girish Karkani, 191 Unlimited is a Los Angeles clothing brand that specializes in premium quality lifestyle garbs without the premium cost. It’s designer apparel made more accessible. The brand was named after Parth and Girish’s business venture made with $191 as capital. [...]

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108 Limited

January 5, 2015

Brand History Based in New Hampshire, 108 Limited is a lifestyle label that specializes in athletics wear and casual wear. A collective of sports-minded individuals who are passionate about board sports but are disappointed with what the current market has to offer created the brand. 108 Limited clothing offers quality technical apparel that is stylish [...]

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Street Ammo

December 30, 2014

Brand History Street Ammo is a Denmark clothing brand established by designer, Mark Urban in 2003. The brand specializes in quality shirts and basic menswear., Greg Selkoe, later acquired street Ammo where the brand’s shirts are offered exclusively on the Boston-based clothing site. The idea behind Street Ammo was to make quality lifestyle goods [...]

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Pink Mouse

December 26, 2014

Brand History Pink Mouse is a 2009 lifestyle and clothing brand established by a group of artists who are dedicated to individuals who live for adventures, those that lead an active lifestyle. Pink Mouse clothing only has one guiding principle, to live free. Drawing inspiration from the skateboarding and the snowboarding lifestyle, Pink Mouse is [...]

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Prince Peter Collection

December 24, 2014

Brand History Prince Peter Collection is a New York clothing brand established by Prince Peter and Mick Rock in 2009. Prince Peter and Mick created the brand based on the latter’s iconic music and fashion images. Drawing inspiration from rock n’ roll, fashion, graphic designs and photography art, Prince Peter Collection offers a growing array [...]

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Pretty Polly

December 18, 2014

Brand History Pretty Polly is a British legwear label established all way in 1919 by entrepreneurs named, Oswald Buckland and Harry Hibbert. Pretty Polly, which is considered as the oldest hosiery brand in all of Britain, was located in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire before it merged with Ballerian Hosiery and Walton Hosiery. Thomas Hilling, the owner of [...]

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December 14, 2014

Brand History NEFF is a skateboard-based label established in 2002 by Shaun Neff in 2002. Shaun created this Southern California clothing label after earning quite a rep for his successful headwear line. Let’s just say, Shaun is hoping to replicate the same success he earned from his caps to his expanded clothing line label. Shaun [...]

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December 10, 2014

Brand History Turning LA’s fabulous street style into wearable art, NCLA is an up and coming nail color label established by a group of nail art addicts. The idea is to establish a brand that’s dedicated exclusively for nail art and hard to find nail art tools. The NCLA cofounders utilized the best in technology [...]

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