Paul Frank

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Brand History

Launched in 1997, Paul Frank is a Huntington Beach fashion label and gift brand known mostly for its cutesy sleepwear line. Featuring an impressive lineup of accessories, gift sets, collectible toys, pet accessories and beach wear; Paul Frank is recognizable instantly for its beloved mascots, Julius the Money and Skurvy. The brand was initially targeting adults with its bag and wallets but eventually grew its product line to include kids wear and sleepwear for all ages. Paul Frank products are available worldwide including including key cities in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dubai, Qatar, Bangkok, Athens, Taipei, Japan and Malaysia. Stateside, Paul Frank is sold in selected stores including online at

Iconic, Whimsical Designspaul frank Paul Frank

Paul Frank is a brand that does not solely depend on design and performance to make a mark in the industry, it does so by adding a bit of whimsical designs that truly catches the eye and warms the heart! Paul Frank may be known globally for its super cute sleepwear but they do have a pretty extensive range of products including bed sheets to plush toys, totes to key chains, and other lifestyle tools that truly enriches our lives. Loved by celebrities and fashion mavens across the world, Paul Frank boasts of legions of fans that collect their awesome gears including rock musicians like the White Stripes, Bad Religion and even stars like Hilary Duff, Zooey Deschanel and Jason Schwarzman.

Paul Frank 2014 Spring Collection

For spring season 2014, Paul Frank will be rolling out all new sleepwear, bags, lifestyle accessories and eyewear in rock n’ roll style designs with its own adorable twist, of course! The collection will include a lineup of hoodies and graphic shirts, eyewear, chain necklaces, sleepwear and homeware, all with prints and designs of the iconic Skurvy and Julius the Monkey!

Paul Frank Sleepwear at

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palladium PalladiumBrand History

Launched in the 20s as a tire manufacturing company, Palladium® shifted to making sturdy, heritage-style footwear after the aviation industry started to wind down. And since the good folks at Palladium® company didn’t want to waste their groundbreaking tire technology, they’ve incorporated as much of their innovations as they can on their new star products, the work boots. And the result is nothing short of a game-changer!

Integrating the tire technology patented by Palladium® on the shoe soles, Palladium® work boots are so sturdy, even the French Legion can’t put a dent on it. In fact, the first pair of Palladium® boots were rigorously tested in some of the harshest climates in the world including the Atlas Mountains and the African desert, and once satisfied, the French Legion added the Palladium® boots to their official uniform. Palladium® boots are available worldwide through selected retailers as well as online at

The Last Shoes You’ll Wear

If you’ve been searching for a pair of shoes that will last you practically a lifetime (or two), you came to right place! Palladium® specializes in super durable heritage-style leather boots souped up with technical features for improved performance and enhanced comfort. We’re talking skid-proof rubber soles to butter soft goat leather inner lining, superb support and protection against the elements all in one pair of stylish leather boots. Palladium® has everything from classic dress shoes, work boots, boat shoes and their bestselling winter boots.

Palladium® 2013 Fall/Winter Collection

Palladium® turns to the bright side as it gives a sneak peek of what’s to come this spring 2014. The collection will highlight the classic Palladium® boots shape of the 20s and the 40s, re-released in yummy spring colors like orange, pink, blue and orange! Front and center is the stonewashed canvas boots in both pastels and classic hues.

Palladium® Shoes at

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August 25, 2014

Brand History Based in sunny Cali, Obey is a contemporary streetwear label established by streetwear kingpin, Shepard Fairey in 2001. Shepard, who is one of the most respected designers in the business, is known for his many collaborative releases with other streetwear labels. Through Obey clothing, his very own designs take on a different light, [...]

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August 21, 2014

Brand History Based in the Big Apple, nOir is a premier accessories line established in 1995 by Leeora Catalan. Leeora, who is a lover of NYC’s unpredictable, gritty and unapologetic street style, wanted to incorporate all the elements that makes the Big Apple the style capital of the world. Leeora breathes fashion, having worked with [...]

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August 17, 2014

Brand History Based in sunny California, Lifted Research Group or LRG clothing is a trendy urban wear label established in 1999 by partners Robert Wright and Joan Bevacqua. A fixture in the underground streetwear scene, LRG clothing gained popularity for its fresh, trendy apparel for men. Considered as one of the fastest growing clothing labels [...]

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August 13, 2014

Brand History Based in Southern California, Lira is an urban wear label with designs that toe the line between sporty and casual. Lira mixes the silhouette of classic apparel and the durability and utilitarian aesthetics of sportswear. The result is a fantastic selection of streetwear that are trendy and fresh, yet durable and light. Lira [...]

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Jack by BB Dakota

August 3, 2014

Brand History If you are a fan of the BB Dakota line but finds that you lean towards edgier, more youthful designs, then you might want to check out the brand’s sassier, bolder sister line, Jack by BB Dakota! Launched in 2005 by Gloria Brandes, Jack by BB Dakota features a more fashion-forward approach to [...]

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July 29, 2014

Brand History Based in San Francisco, GAMAGO is a premier homeware label established in 2001 by design gurus, Greg Long and Chris Edmundson. Greg and Chris based GAMAGO from a very popular Gama-Goon character. They teamed up with Tim Biskup and started a shirt company that specializes in handcrafted silkscreened shirt called GAMAGO. Business was [...]

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Cast Shadow

July 25, 2014

Brand History Cast Shadow is a Los Angeles lifestyle label established in 2010. The brand initially sells and specializes in headwear but has since moved on to expanding its line. Cast Shadow is the sister company of another rising streetwear label, Bloodbath. While Bloodbath is known for its Goth-based designs, Cast Shadow is more of [...]

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July 21, 2014

Brand History Established by a couple of guys whose passion lies in designing shirts, Entree is a NYC shirt brand established in 2006. The brand’s cofounders are so into designing shirts that they decided to turn their makeshift shirt shop (the back of their van) into a real streetwear label. What makes Entree shirts different [...]

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