Brand History

Clout Magazine is a San Jose clothing brand –cum-lifestyle magazine. A collective of artists whose passion lies in art, fashion and the local underground music established the brand in 2002. Clout Magazine is not only the best street lifestyle magazine it’s also a place where everyone can get an exclusive look at street influenced culture, in print format.

After their substantial success as a lifestyle magazine, the bi-annual magazine brand slowly ventured into churning out awesome garbs. With an extensive background in underground music, the founders of Clout Magazine created a complementing clothing line that highlights local street and graffiti artists. Clout Magazine clothing is available in selected stores including online at

The Best in Local Music and Art

In a nutshell, Clout Magazine is a label that exemplifies everything that is San Jose, California. From the laidback lifestyle, the easygoing street style, the imitable street art and the graffiti art, the brand offers the best of what San Jose California has to offer. Clout Magazine’s streetwear label is a natural progression to the brand’s successful publication, an extension of the street and graffiti art culture in California.

The brand’s growing line of apparel includes a range of graphic shirts, sweatshirts, headwear, hoodies as well as accessories for men and women. Clout Magazine is also a distributor of other streetwear labels including New Jack City, Cukui, Halloway, Aristocrats and Booger Kids clothing, just to name a few.

Clout Magazine clothing at

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Brand History

BMC is an Ohio lifestyle and clothing label established by designer, Brian McAllister in 2009. Brian came across the idea of selling handcrafted goods after losing a crocheted beanie that was a gift from his grandmother. Frustrated over his inability to find said beanie, he realized that certain things in life are irreplaceable. That’s why he wanted to share what his grandmother gave to him, a handcrafted beanie, to the rest of the world. He went around looking for DIY books on how to crochet and taught himself how to make these beanies.

Brian started making progress and it wasn’t long before he started giving away crocheted beanies to his friends. His interest in going full time was piqued when demand for his handmade beanies grew beyond his circle of friends. By 2009, he launched BMC, a brand that specializes in handcrafted lifestyle garments. BMC headwear and scarves are available in selected stores including online at

Perfected By Hand

BMC is home to all types of crocheted beanies and scarves, in all colors, patterns and designs. Every piece is unique because it is hand-made. Brian himself handpicks the materials used for the hats (premium quality soft acrylic and 100% cotton material). The brand’s bestselling item is their infinity scarf though Brian has since expanded its line to include different variation of the design. Apart from the scarves and the hats, BMC is cooking up something new and this includes a full line of clothing in the works.

BMC 2014 Summer Collection

Summer’s here and so is BMC’s all new line of summer beanies! For this season’s release, BMC is dropping down an exciting selection of handcrafted beanies in both monochromatic colors and a nice pop of classic summer colors!

BMC Headwear at

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