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Pretty Polly 158x300 Pretty PollyBrand History

Pretty Polly is a British legwear label established all way in 1919 by entrepreneurs named, Oswald Buckland and Harry Hibbert. Pretty Polly, which is considered as the oldest hosiery brand in all of Britain, was located in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire before it merged with Ballerian Hosiery and Walton Hosiery.

Thomas Hilling, the owner of Ballerian Hosiery and Walton Hosiery, acquired Pretty Polly brand in 1957 and retained its name. So, Pretty Polly is actually composed of three hosiery megabrand and you can bet their design archive is the biggest in the world. Pretty Polly is credited for being the first brand to create the world’s first seamless, non-run stockings and suspender-less stocking. Pretty Polly hosiery, leggings and tights are sold stateside via selected retailers including online at

Quality Legwear For Women

If you are looking for trendy, classic and high quality legwear, hosiery or special body suits to achieve a sexier, more streamlined figure, look no further. Pretty Polly is the best in the world and its decades of history in the business won’t tell you otherwise. Pretty Polly offers everything from classic sheer stockings to knitted tights, opaque leggings to seamless bodysuits.

And because Pretty Polly is the originator of the modern bodysuit, you can expect the same quality and cutting edge design the brand has earned reputation from. Innovative, world-class and relevant in fashion history, Pretty Polly combines functionality and style with each of their sought-after product.

Pretty Polly 2014 Summer Collection

Here’s something fun and unexpected for this season, a collaborative release between Pretty Polly and Hello Kitty! The Pretty Polly x Hello Kitty legwear collection will include an adorable selection of opaque and sheer hosiery with Hello Kitty prints, as well as socks and tights, all embellished with Hello Kitty prints all over!

Pretty Polly Tights at

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Brand History

NEFF is a skateboard-based label established in 2002 by Shaun Neff in 2002. Shaun created this Southern California clothing label after earning quite a rep for his successful headwear line. Let’s just say, Shaun is hoping to replicate the same success he earned from his caps to his expanded clothing line label.

Shaun started employing some of the most talented designers in the business for his namesake lifestyle brand. And just like any other pr skateboarder turned designer, Shaun hopes to address persistent issues all skateboarders come across with like shredded shirts, torn denims, etc. Through his brand, Shaun aims to banish such issues forever. NEFF clothing is sold in selected stores including online at

Durable Apparel That Wears Like Iron

Made for active individuals and skateboarders, NEFF celebrates the life’s little adventures, mirrors our own struggles to make it and the glory of achieving our dreams. NEFF clothing offers an ever-expanding range of outerwear, casual wear, sportswear, headwear and lifestyle accessories for men and women. Shaun himself designed every piece in all NEFF collection because he’s extremely hands on with the designing and the creative process of his brand. Apart from their awesome garbs, NEFF plays an active part of the community, the annual NEFF Hope charity initiative was created together with some of the biggest names in the fashion, music and movie industry like Snoop Lion, Scarlett Johansson and Deadmau5.


NEFF 2014 Spring Collection

As part of NEFF’s 2014 spring release, the brand has teamed up with iconic rap artist, Snoop Lion for a limited edition collection of raglan shirts and graphic shirts in full-on floral all over prints. The collection, called “Snoop Spring” also came with matching hats and fleece jackets.

NEFF Clothing at

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December 10, 2014

Brand History Turning LA’s fabulous street style into wearable art, NCLA is an up and coming nail color label established by a group of nail art addicts. The idea is to establish a brand that’s dedicated exclusively for nail art and hard to find nail art tools. The NCLA cofounders utilized the best in technology [...]

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Manhattan Project

December 6, 2014

Brand History Manhattan Project is a headwear label inspired by the 1940s atomic bomb project of the same name. Made for people who live and breathe for quality headwear, Manhattan Project offers an array of colorful caps for men. . The brand’s signature style is a culmination of global fashion, trendy style and raw depiction [...]

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Madness Is

December 3, 2014

Brand History Madness Is clothing was established in 2007 by designer, Emily Swinson. The concept of the brand was to be a source of statement-making garments with designs inspired by the rock n’ roll lifestyle. The brand brings to heart a well-known quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel: “‘Madness’ is too glamourous a term to convey what [...]

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November 29, 2014

Brand History Established in New York in 1974 by husband and wife team, Melvin and Sandy Schifter, LeSportsac is a global luggage and bag company known for their tough as nails construction and ultra cute graphics. The couple came across the idea of using rips-top nylon as the main material for their bags after checking [...]

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Kill Brand

November 25, 2014

Brand History Kill Brand is a Los Angeles clothing brand established by musician, Johnny Smith in 2001.It all started out when Johnny ran out of shirts to wear while he was on tour. He rummaged through his stuff and found a random pink shirt. Thinking quickly, he spray-painted the shirt with the graffiti, K-I-L-L on [...]

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Hello Kitty® Intimates

November 21, 2014

Brand History Considered as Sanrio’s most iconic character of all time, Hello Kitty® takes on a more grown-up approach in intimate wear following the introduction of its newest line, the Hello Kitty® Intimates. lo Kitty® Intimates is not just targeted towards young women who have grown to love lo Kitty® as a child but also [...]

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Happy Socks

November 17, 2014

Brand History Happy Socks is a Swedish sock company established by business partners, Victor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh in 2008. Victor and Mikael got around creating their own sock company after seeing the “best” out there and still not being satisfied with the quality of said socks. With Happy Socks, Victor and Mikael aim to [...]

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Fresh Goods

November 14, 2014

Brand History Fresh Goods is a NYC clothing brand established in 2011 by a group of designers who want to reinvent the stale streetwear scene in the east coast. The idea here is to revolutionize fashion by injecting youthful, whimsical designs that makes every piece stand out. And naming the brand “Fresh Goods” seemed fitting [...]

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